Ep. 112 Nicole Fischer and Emma Brodie: How to Write a Romance

We’re joined by Avon Books editor Nicole Fischer (who is the editor of some of our favorites like Tessa Bailey, Talia Hibbert, and Vivienne Lorret). We’re also joined by Emma Brodie who is a senior editor for William Morrow. We talk about their How to Write a Romance book which Emma worked on with the Avon romance editing team. We also talk about how they got their start, what we can expect from Nicole’s authors in the near future, and why Jenny and Nicole agree that “thrust” is the best word to search a book for if you’re trying to find the steamy bits. 

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Some highlights from our conversation include:

  • Where the idea came from for the How to Write a Romance guided journal
  • What the fun early brainstorming session over wine was like
  • Why character motivations are a fundamental base to any story
  • How they got started reading romance
  • Nicole’s amazing authors and books we should be excited about
  • Why we love illustrated covers
  • Why reading a racy cover in public is sometimes the worst
  • The Fischer Law now declares that if you’re listening to an audiobook or a podcast and it’s overheard in a public place, it will be during an inappropriate moment
  • Why the library is so amazing for audiobooks (and books in general!)
  • Bad words and why we love them
  • #overheardatavon
  • What Nicole is looking for in manuscripts

Books mentioned:

You can find Nicole on her Twitter or the Avon Romance website! You can find Emma on Instagram or on her website!

About the Author
Jenny Nordbak earned a B.A in Interdisciplinary Archaeology from the University of Southern California. After graduating, she spent two years leading a double life, working in healthcare construction by day, while secretly working as a Dominatrix at a dungeon in LA by night. Her memoir, The Scarlett Letters: My Secret Year of Men in an LA Dungeon (St. Martin’s Press, 2017), is a candid look into that time in her life. Jenny is an advocate for sex positivity and female empowerment. She writes the Stocks and Bondage column for Penthouse and has been featured as a sex expert on The Doctors. She contributes to Men’s Health and has appeared in numerous publications including Newsweek, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and Redbook. She is currently working on developing her memoir for TV and finishing her next book, a romance novel. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

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