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The Wicked Wallflowers Club is a podcast for empowered readers and writers of romance. We release new episodes on Wednesdays with guests who range from the biggest bestselling authors to publicists, reviewers, readers, and other industry professionals.

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Ep. 124 Alyssa Palombo: The Borgia Confessions

Need a break from the modern world? Dive into the Italian Renaissance with us! We geek out with Alyssa Palombo about why it’s one of the most fascinating parts...

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Welcome to Romancelandia

By C. Mansfield There is a world only a few clicks away if you know where to look. A world of desire, love, and friendship. A place where you...

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Ep. 121 Colleen Hoover: Regretting You

We’re joined by #1 NYT Bestselling author Colleen Hoover. We cover a whole bunch of different topics–from her writing journey, to her parenting advice, to travel. We chat about...

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Ep. 119 Maxym Martineau: Kingdom of Exiles

We’re joined by fantasy romance author Maxym Martineau who tells us about her debut novel, Kingdom of Exiles. We also chat about her amazing recipe for watermelon margaritas, how...

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Ep. 112 Nicole Fischer and Emma Brodie: How to Write a Romance

We’re joined by Avon Books editor Nicole Fischer (who is the editor of some of our favorites like Tessa Bailey, Talia Hibbert, and Vivienne Lorret). We’re also joined by Emma Brodie...

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Ep. 108 Penny Reid: Part 1 Featuring Joy Nash

We’re joined once again by New York Times Bestselling author Penny Reid, but this time she’s brought along actress and voice actress Joy Nash who narrates Penny’s audiobooks. You...

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