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The Wicked Wallflowers Club is a podcast for empowered readers and writers of romance. We release new episodes on Wednesdays with guests who range from the biggest bestselling authors to publicists, reviewers, readers, and other industry professionals.

Latest Episodes

Ep. 74 Catherine Bybee: Faking Forever

We’re joined by New York Times Bestselling author Catherine Bybee to chat about her latest release, Faking Forever, how she transitioned from being a trauma nurse to a romance...

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Ep. 73 Robin Covington: Never Love a Thief

We’re joined by Robin Covington to chat about her sizzling books, why we love controversial characters, and how hard it would be to pick a designated survivor of Romancelandia!...

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Ep. 72 Adriana Herrera: American Dreamer

We’re joined by debut author Adriana Herrera to chat about American Dreamer, the details she included about Afro-Latinx cuisine that made us hungry when we were reading, and how...

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Ep. 71 Piper J. Drake: Fierce Justice

Piper J. Drake joins us to talk about her latest book, Fierce Justice, which not only features a sexy dude on the cover, but a gorgeous dog! We also...

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Ep. 70 Penny Reid and Maureen Lee Lenker on Toxic Masculinity

We’re joined by Penny Reid and Maureen Lee Lenker to have a conversation about toxic masculinity. We also delve into why Penny has in the past deliberately written characters...

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Ep. 69 What We’re Reading #8 with Erin Galloway

In this 8th edition of What We’re Reading, we’re joined once again by our brilliant romance loving friend Erin Galloway who is the Deputy Director of Publicity for Berkley....

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