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Ep. 41 Avery Flynn: Butterface

Our guest this week is USA Today bestselling romance author, Avery Flynn, who chats with us about her previous career as a crime reporter, her transition from writing romantic suspense to writing romantic comedy, and her newest book, Butterface! You can find Avery Flynn on her website or follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! Ways...

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Ep. 40 Laurell K. Hamilton: Serpentine

We’re joined by Laurell K. Hamilton who is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series. We chat about her newest release, the 26th book in the Anita Blake series, Serpentine. We also chat about polyamory, what research into BDSM looked like in 1997, how she found out...

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Ep. 36 Robinne Lee: The Idea of You

We’re joined by Robinne Lee to discuss her powerful debut novel, The Idea of You. Robinne is a graduate of Columbia Law School and is also an accomplished actress. She has been in films like Hitch and Seven Pounds as well as Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. We discuss her experiences as a...

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Ep. 35 What We’re Reading #2

We share what we’ve been up to and what we’ve been reading with special guest, Maureen Lee Lenker. Bonus: hear all about our first kisses, both real life and on stage! Ways to listen: You can click the button or this link to download (and subscribe!) on iTunes! Click this link to stream: What We’re...

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Ep. 34 Olivia Boothe: Wicked Dance

While we love being able to interview some of our favorite hugely successful authors, it’s also fun to be able to introduce you to new voices who are just at the start of their career. This week, we’re joined by one such debut author, Olivia Boothe. She chats with us about her first novel, Wicked...

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Ep. 33 Sarah MacLean: Wicked and the Wallflower

We’re joined by bestselling author Sarah MacLean. Her latest novel, Wicked and the Wallflower, just came out, and it is amazing. We to her about historical lockpicking, her romance review column in the Washington Post, and the true nature of the Alpha in romance. We also got an incredible list of romance recommendations. Our conversation...

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Ep. 32 Kevin Kneupper: #Cockygate

We’re joined by Kevin Kneupper, an author and retired patent attorney who is one of the key figures in the ongoing #Cockygate scandal. Kevin answers our questions about the case, his role in it, and what the next steps are. To find out more about Kevin or his books, you can follow him on Twitter...

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Ep. 29 Erin Galloway: Book Publicity

Our guest this week is Erin Galloway who is the Associate Director of Publicity for Berkley. She tells us all about book PR, some of her favorite romances, and upcoming titles that she’s excited about. You can follow Berkley on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or find Erin on Instagram. Ways to listen:

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Ep. 28 Julia Whelan: My Oxford Year

We’re joined by Julia Whelan to discuss her debut novel, My Oxford Year. We also chat about her status as a Tea Master and her careers as an actress and audiobook narrator. You can find Julia on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! Ways to listen:

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Ep. 27 Janna MacGregor: The Bad Luck Bride

Our guest this week is Janna MacGregor. She chats with us about her latest book, The Bad Luck Bride, as well as what it’s like to have triplets and all the travel she’s been doing lately. You can follow Janna on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Find out more about her books on her website! Ways...

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