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Ep. 10 Rose Lerner: Lively St. Lemeston and Hamilton’s Battalion

IMG_1105We’re joined by historical romance author Rose Lerner to talk about her Lively St. Lemeston Regency series and her collaboration on Hamilton’s Battalion. We discuss everything from the role of food to the role of religion in fiction, her writing process, and more!

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Some highlights from the conversation include:

-How her Hamilton’s Battalion story, Promised Land, came about.

-Exploring how characters practice Judaism in historical fiction.

-Amusing family stories.

-Beta heroes and how wonderful they can be.

-How food can be used to express love.

-Lots of mouth-watering discussions of food–historical recreations, use in fiction, and more!

-Her writing process and how it tends to come together.

-Some of the advantages of self publishing.

-How she started reading and writing romance.

-How fantasy casting her characters impacted her writing and heated up the sex scenes.

Books/websites mentioned in this episode:

Hamilton’s Battalion by Rose Lerner, Courtney Milan, and Alyssa Cole

Sweet Disorder (Lively St. Lemeston Book 1) by Rose Lerner

True Pretenses (Lively St. Lemeston Book 2) by Rose Lerner

Listen to the Moon (Lively St. Lemeston Book 3) by Rose Lerner

A Lord for Miss Larkin by Carola Dunn

The works of Georgette Heyer

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Pinterest Rose Lerner for fantasy casts


Colonial Williamsburg website

*The above links will take you to The Ripped Bodice website where you have the option to purchase the print books from the only exclusively romance bookstore in the US. We love them–please consider showing your support to such a wonderful small business! If you’re in the LA area, definitely go and visit the store–it’s magical! In a few cases, the books weren’t available through the store, so we’ve linked directly to Amazon.

Special thanks to our Editor, Chris Willett.

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