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Ep. 1 Welcome to the Club

IMG_6516Welcome to The Wicked Wallflowers Club! This is our first episode that will give you a quick overview of who we are and where we’ll be going with the show. We are two authors who read, write, and love everything about the romance genre. We celebrate female empowerment and sex positivity.


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In this episode, we dig into (and dispel) some of the common misconceptions about romance and discuss how it has impacted our lives. We would love to hear from you too! What was your very first romance novel? Have you heard this nonsense before? Do you feel any shame or embarassment talking about what you read? 

We hope you’ll join our club and listen to future episodes! You can keep up with us by subscribing to the show on iTunes or following us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

The books mentioned in this episode are:

The Scarlett Letters: My Secret Year of Men in an LA Dungeon by Jenny Nordbak

Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole (naughty passage #1)

The Professional by Kresley Cole (naughty passage #2)

*The above links will take you to The Ripped Bodice website where you have the option to purchase the print books from the only exclusively romance bookstore in the US. We love them–please consider showing your support to such a wonderful small business!

We also mentioned SmartBitchesTrashyBooks.com a great blog all about romance.

1 thought on “Ep. 1 Welcome to the Club”

  1. Hi ladies, I heard about your podcast from Sara Corea, a fellow maniac who is also a member of the Karen Moning Facebook fan group . She mentioned you guys were interested in interviewing romance authors, and as I am a newly published romance author, she thought I should reach out.

    I’m an author with The Wild Rose Press and my debut novel Wicked Dance is a steamy contemporary romance that was just recently released. I’m not sure if you’re only interviewing established authors at the moment, but let me know if you’d like to learn more about me and my book. I’ll be happy to share my links and a copy of the book if you need it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



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