Welcome to The Wicked Wallflowers Club!

Do you love romance novels? Join us every Wednesday on this podcast dedicated to the romance genre. We’ll include interviews with authors, book reviews, dramatic readings, and frank discussions about sex positivity and the stigma faced by romance readers and authors.

This podcast is hosted by Jenny Nordbak and Sarah Hawley. We’re two friends and writers who met while studying archaeology at the University of Southern California. We soon realized we shared an affinity for truly great love stories, and now we’re both crafting our own stories as authors. We’re eager to share our love of the genre with the wider community.

So welcome to the Club, Wallflowers! May you always be just the right amount of wicked.

1 thought on “Welcome to The Wicked Wallflowers Club!”

  1. Hey! I read about this podcast in Entertainment Weekly and I am just diving into these! I love that you don’t mince words and value romance novels! I am a nurse with a doctoral degree and this is my genre!! Just working through Episode 2 now!


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